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TheAlamdār: A Multilingual Journal of Kashmiri Society and Culture

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علمدار:   کاشرِ معاشر تہ ثقافتُک کثیر لسانی جرید

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Multilingual (English, Kashmiri and Urdu)

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Both Print and Online.

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Multidisciplinary (Culture, History, Society and Languages)

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The ‘Alamdār is a peer-reviewed/refereed journal, listed in the UGC-CARE list, and is dedicated to the scholarly exploration of the spiritual, social, linguistic, and cultural epistemology, especially that of Kashmir and the life and thought of its great Sufi saint of Kashmir, Shaikh al ‘Ālam. Started in 2008, the journal provides an intellectual space for ideas, values, and histories that have shaped human interactions and continue to guide our society in its quest for peace and prosperity. While the journal derives its title from the honorific accorded to the great Sufi saint of Kashmir, Shaikh al-‘Ālam, it has also been an important academic platform for the works on different Sufi traditions within and outside the country. Over the last few years, the journal has assumed a multidisciplinary orientation, also opening up to young researchers, scholars, and academics from different fields of social sciences and humanities, encouraging a multi-dimensional and multifaceted interaction societal and cultural aspects affecting human existence

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The ‘Alamdār is an open access journal and its quality content is freely available online for everyone.


The Copyright is retained by the Shaikh ul Alam Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies. 

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There is no publication fee for authors to publish their articles in this journal.