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TheAlamdār: A Multilingual Journal of Kashmiri Society and Culture

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علمدار:   کاشرِ معاشر تہ ثقافتُک کثیر لسانی جرید

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English, Kashmiri and Urdu (A multilingual journal)

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Both Print and Online.

Soft copies of all previous editions / years are available on the departmental website (http://alamdaar.uok.edu.in/)




Multidisciplinary (Culture, History, Society and Languages)

Aims and Scope:

TheAlamdār has for the last decade and a half provided a forum for the scholarly exploration of Kashmiri society and culture focusing in particular on the literary and spiritual traditions of the region, especially those associated with a great Sufi Saint of Kashmir Shaikh al-‘Ālam and Rishism (a native Sufi order of Kashmir), from a multidisciplinary perspective including History, Islamic Studies, Literary Studies, Sociology and Comparative Religion. The journal also encourages research articles on various aspects of Kashmir’s connected histories that place Kashmir within a wider network of interaction and exchange that operated along circuits towards the North and the South.

Directed to historians, scholars of Islam, religion and comparative literature, the journal brings together established academics and younger researchers engaged in investigating the above thematic.

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The ‘Alamdār is an open access journal and its quality based content is freely available online for everyone.


Authors retain copyright and publishing rights without restrictions.

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There is no publication fee for authors to publish their articles in our journal.