One Day Book Launch Event at Shaikh-ul Aalam Centre for Mulidisciplinary Studies (SACMS), University of Kashmir held on 07, March 2022

A Book Release event organised by Markaz-i Noor, Shaikh-ul Aalam Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies (SACMS), University of Kashmir, Srinagar in collaboration with Aab-e Rawan and Sultania Book Depot, Srinagar was held on 7th March, 2022 in the seminar Hall of the Centre. The book authored by Senior Lecturer, Mr. Abdul Salam Dar titled, “Surag-e-Zindagi” is focused on identifying the real truth and meaning of life through the practice of Tasawwuf.

While presiding over the event, Dr. Kamlesh Meena, Director, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), Regional Centre Srinagar who was Chief Guest on the occasion also put in his observations and highlighted the contribution of Kashmiri Sufis in promoting truth, love, harmony, Justice and peace. Mr. Shafat Ahmad of the Sultania Book Depot offered the welcome address.

Prof. Manzoor Ahmad Bhat from the Shah-i-Hamadan Institute of Islamic Studies, University of Kashmir provided a critical commentary on the book while highlighting its contents and appreciating the multidisciplinary approach of the author, which as he remarked was very much in tune with the spirit of Shaikh-ul Aalam Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies. He emphasized the significance of Sufis and Awliya of Kashmir, and how the book exhibits the core values of devotional living. Lastly, he suggested that the book must be available in all the departments of the University due to its wider scope.

 In his speech, Mr. Abdul Salam Dar, the author of Surag-e-Zindagi, enlightened the audience with his thoughtful comments and ideas. He explained all his hardwork in putting up the book. He said, the book is a reflecting mirror and demonstrates the inner truth of a living being. It focuses on the reality of Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and inspires today’s youth to find the righteous path. The book serves the purpose of Allah (SWT) and his religion.



While signifying the importance of writing in expanding the spiritual and cultural essence, founders of Sultania Book Depot, Mr. Hilal Ahmad Shah and Mr. Bilal Ahmad Shah, requested more such writers to come forward and formulate new books. They also said, Sultania Book Depot will provide complete support to all the emerging writers and authors in all means possible, to enhance the richness of Kashmiri culture.

Other dignitaries who spoke on this occasion included Maulana Showkat Hussain Keng (Renowned Islamic Scholar), Dr. Nisar Hussain Mubarki (Renowned Islamic Scholar), Professor, Zareef Ahmad Zareef (Noted Poet & Writer) and Tawseef Ahmad Wani. Towards the end, an award ceremony which included the honorary felicitation of the dignitaries was carried out. The event was attended by a rich contingent of scholars, academicians and students. The proceedings of the event were moderated by Mr. Akhtar Numani. Aab E Rawan Team, Khalid Bukhari, Muneeb Masoodi, Benish, Junaid Baba, Shazia Zargar, Nyla Bilal, Burhan Hussaini and Akhtar Hussaini worked tremendously in making the event a success. They further focus on doing more of such book launches in the future to inspire more of writers in Kashmir to come forward and compile more books in future. Syed Fazal Kashani presented the vote of thanks.



                                                                                                              Prof. G.N. Khaki



  • Event Date: 07-Mar-2022 - 07-Mar-2022
  • Venue: Seminar Hall, Shaikh-ul Aalam Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies, UoK
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