Brief profile of the Centre alongwith courses of studies:-

Centre for Shaikh-ul Aalam Studies was established in 1998 in order to transmit the message of the great saint poet Shaikh-ul Aalam(RA) to younger generation and society of Kashmir at large.

The another motive behind establishment of the Centre was to initiate and organize systematic and scientific research on Shaikh Noor-ud Din Noorani(RA).

The present structure of the Centre located in the campus of the university has been raised with the help of donations made by some distinguished lovers of art and culture. For about last some years conscious efforts have been made to revive the functioning of Centre for Shaikh-ul Aalam Studies in meaningful and effective manner. The Centre has been given status of the Reseach Centre by way of starting research (M.Phil and Ph.D) courses. The feeding departments for research are:-

All subjects comprising faculties of Arts, Oriental Learning and Social Sceiences